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To put your business online the very first step is buying a Hosting Package (Web Space) after choosing the domain name. In this article, we will walk through the best practices and important things that shall keep in mind before purchasing any hosting package.

If you want to buy a new hosting package or you want to transfer your domain (website) to some other hosting provider then This article is mainly for you.

Below are some important facts and points that effect hosting providers.

  1. Price
  2. Limitations
  3. Features
  4. Security
  5. Tech. Support


Price is the main element that should be considered before purchasing any hosting package. Some hosting providers give you hosting at very low cost. But definitely, the cost is directly proportional to reliability and features. If any hosting provider is providing hosting at a very low cost then that provider limits some features or usage. You may ask the provider if this is the case.

But did it mean that the hosting provider that is very costly, is the best?

No, it doesn’t mean that the high-cost providers are always best. But definitely, if the provider is selling at high cost then there is a very good chance that provider is putting some resources and investment on features or security. But you must have to check on their website or ask from their tech support.



Some hosting providers are very clever and they just mentioned some stuffs wrongly i.e. unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space etc in their packages. But we live in a world where unlimited is nothing. So, ask your hosting provider about the up range and maximum limitations for Space, Bandwidth, CPU, and RAM etc.

We (TheRightSol) also have mentioned unlimited with some of our packages. In the unlimited package, we upgrade the space and bandwidth as your business grows. So, technically there is no any up limit or maximum limit. Just choose the unlimited package and we will do all the remaining math for you as your business grows.


Good hosting providers have unique and awesome features such as Auto Backup, Auto Renewal, Domain Registrations, Email, FTP, Antivirus scanner and domain expiry notifications etc. You may ask from the provider which features they are providing and which feature is different or unique from other hosting providers.


Security is another very important factor as there are 1 Million malware threats released daily. You have to check the privacy and security statements before buying any hosting package.

We (TheRightSol) has Certified Ethical Hacker and pen-testers team. And we are very strict and strongly deals with Web Security. We also deal with the hacked website. If your business website is hacked or you want to test your website before the bad day, then just contact us. One of our representatives will contact you soon.

Tech. Support

Some people think that technical support is not so important. If a company response within 3-4 business days then its ok with their nature of the business. But, Technical Support is a very important factor. A good hosting company should reply you within the same business day when you contacted the company for your issue.

We (TheRightSol) mostly reply within some hours. Based on case severity and priority we contact our clients within some hours.

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